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Design-2-Part Shows - What to Know Before You Go

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Reasons to Attend A Design-2-Part Manufacturing Trade Show

Attending a tradeshow can be a valuable experience in finding vendors and learning about new technologies and changes in your industry. But in order to get the most out of any tradeshow, you need to be prepared and proactive. Attending a Design-2-Part show is no different.

With so many different vendors to visit and so much to do, a Design-2-Part show can be overwhelming. You are bound to ask yourself a lot of questions: Where do I start? Who should I talk to? What are the hotspots?

Ultimately, what you want to know is: How can I make the best use of my time a Design-2-Part manufacturing show?

Below, we discuss some of the benefits of attending A Design-2-Part show, as well as offering tips so that you can get as much out of your experience as possible.

What is Design-2-Part(D2P) Manufacturing Show?

Design-2-Part manufacturing trade shows have been assisting contract manufacturers for more than 40 years, providing assistance to engineers and product manufacturers who are looking for the best suppliers of custom components, parts and contract manufacturing services. Exhibitor services can range from assemblies, plastic injection molding, 3D Printing, labeling, tooling for plastic injection molding and manufacturing consulting.

Every Design-2-Part show includes hundreds of manufacturers from across American industry, who attend to demonstrate their design, prototyping and production skills.

Where can I find a Design-2-Part Manufacturing Show?

Design-2-Part has several shows throughout the year, each of which takes place in a different location around the country. As of 2019, there are shows scheduled in:

Click here for the listing of upcoming shows.

Reasons to attend a Design-2-Part Manufacturing Show

Wondering if you and your team should attend a Design-2-Part show? Here are a few of the biggest reasons you might benefit from attending…

  1. There will be over 300 manufacturing categories including plastic injection molding, electronics assembly, mold tool making and packaging to name a few. Click here to view video from featured suppliers.
  2. Design-2-Part show allows you to learn from manufacturing experts about emerging technologies, discuss your specific issues and review suppliers that can address your needs for your prototype or product.
  3. The Design-2-Part show vendors make for a great networking opportunity to help your company reduce cost and increase quality.

Getting the most out of the A Design-2-Part Show

Below are some of our suggestions to get the most out of the Design-2-Part show.

1. Make travel accommodations in advance.

As we all understand, tradeshows attract thousands of attendees to a single location. It is helpful to make your transportation and room reservations in advance to ensure you can get a good rate and to take some of the hassles and pressure out of the equation. By waiting until the last minute, you are only increasing the possibility of needing to pay a higher fee, and even potentially being unable to find transportation or lodging at all.

2. Review exhibitor listing and create the list of the top exhibitors you want to see.

In order to avoid being overwhelmed, review the listing of over 300 Design-2-Part exhibitors and make a priority listing of the primary and secondary exhibitors related to your business or can help you solve a manufacturing challenge.

Decide which of your team members can review and meet with each of your priorities during the show.  Do you have a current manufacturing challenge for a new product?  Maybe, looking at changing vendors to increase quality or reduce cost?

Knowing your needs can assist in deciding how to best utilize your time and meet with the people to help you overcome your obstacle.

3. Take advantage of networking opportunities and plan to meet up at the Design-2-Part show.

One big advantage of tradeshows is the ability to meet face to face and reconnect with business partners, customers and vendors to nurture relationships and create new opportunities for business growth.

Take advantage of knowing who will be at the conference ahead of time and reach out to get on their calendar and meet at the conference.

4. Review the Design-2-Part magazine

Review the Design-2-Part magazine for articles on the latest trends in manufacturing and review vendor services, product offerings and industry news. The magazine offers a design and engineering spotlight section as well. Some of the New England vendors mentioned in the magazine may be found at the show as well.

5. Have a Plan

In order to get the most out of the Design-2-Part show, go with a plan in advance. The tips above will assist in walking away from the tradeshow with valuable information for your team to help increase quality and reduce costs.

D2P Featured Supplier – Plastic Injection Molding Company – Stelray Plastic Products.