Precision Mold and Tool Making


Stelray offers complete injection mold making services utilizing both in-house toolroom and external domestic and off-shore resources with the expertise and craftsmanship to have new molds built and managed by our experienced engineering staff. Stelray specializes and has vast experience with existing mold transfers. In addition, we offer long term mold service maintenance as well as enhancements for new product needs. Using our CNC machinery, EDM technology, and the skills of our experienced mold makers to ultimately meet your mold build and specified surface finish requirements with such applications as Mold-Tech texture or a high polish SPI grade of mold finish- Stelray will deliver you the mold that meets your needs to assist in quality injection molding parts. Our in house engineering department can assist with part design work. 

Check out our careers page to be a part of the Precision Injection Mold Making Team.

Full Service Mold Making Department

  • Comprehensive mold management
  • Full Service Mold Maintenance
  • Quick mold enhancements completed in house
  • Build fixtures and gages for consistent quality parts
  • Mold capabilities include CNC 3D Machining, EDM, polishing and texturing.
  • Hard and soft tooling
  • Tool history documentation
  • Various frames and configurable molds
  • Correct issues with gating, venting and cooling
  • Complete refurbishments
  • Inspection fixtures are engineered and built in house

Mold making sources – Domestic and International

  • Mold Design
  • 3D Prototypes and rapid prototypes
  • In house mold fabrication
  • Quick turn tooling to get your product to market quickly
  • Off shore alliances for high quality for low-cost
  • 20 Years experience with China partners
  • Wide mold material selection includes Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Tool Steel
  • Preventative maintenance schedule to stay ahead of unnecessary mold damage and mold wear
  • Decisions of number of cavities to make the most of the mold.

Mold Tool Transfer services

  • Free consultation to evaluate your current tooling as you consider a move
  • Evaluate or repair molds
  • Reduce uncertainties to minimize production disruption
  • Ease of mold transfer
  • Initial review and maintenance included in transfer

Interested in Mold Transfer Program